Elinker TB1-15A

passed the ce,cqc,rohs certification

Technology innovation
TB type terminal block is the advanced product which introduced from Japan and occupied the market for the advantage of small size, wiring intuitive. now it has been widely applied to transformer, elevators, mechanical control, and many other electrical control industry. Through the market research, there are many unreasonable structure of ordinary TB terminals on the market, so the users can't buy the good quality TB terminal blocks. Elinker Electric developed upgrade TB1 terminal with intellectual property rights independently improving the disadvantages of the original product and improving the disadvantages of the original product.
Printing function, increase work efficiency and safety

An unique hollow out design concept to the mode of operation, in the application, you do not need to remove the protective cover and just do normal maintenance , loading and unloading process.

Providing logo printing service, marking the effect of processing, waterproof and can realize customized print; Making sure you connect mode in the actual operation process correctly, raise the safety use of the terminal block.

Product quality is starting from the raw materials

Transparent cover and molded case use the polyester carbonate (PC), nylon 66 (PA) materials, flame retardant grade V0, resistance to high temperature of 150 ℃; Insulation grade E, high strength, good toughness,the standard screw, torsion 1.4 N/M (gb 0.6 N/M), salt spray test for 48 hours, material use optional iron, copper and stainless steel;Conductive parts choose the 1.2 mm high precision copper, environmental protection specification, torsion can be up to 1.4 N/M, which can effectively eliminate inferior terminal cut corners on the market, smooth silk, such as poor electrical conductivity, heat burn out.

Top Five guarantees

  • 1,Corrosion Resistance

    The terminal screws use environmental protection plating, salt spray test for 48 hours.

    2,Flame Retardant

    Plastic casing material made from PC, PA66, resistance to high temperature of 120 ℃, high strength, folding, flame retardant level V0.

    3,Creepage Distance

    Old TB terminal doesn't accord with the standard creepage distance, Elinker electric new TB1 products increase on both sides 1 mm fence, completely accords with minimum

    4, Protective Cover Hollow Out

    This design improves the daily wiring and maintenance which is convenient and safe. Avoiding protective cover lost carelessly, it can also improve the work efficiency.

    5,Identification Function

    Ensure normative wiring and beauty, the mark generally covered with plastic film.


Prevent Wiring Errors

In order to increase the marks validity, we specially designed the cover pin, this prevents wrong connections.

Support insert with Screw Terminal Connection

Unique insert connection break up traditional type O and U, 

which can realize fast connection, 

for a variety of terminal connection. 



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